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Need to carry out some basic electrical repairs or maintenance?

Our Atlanta handyman team are on hand at all times to repair or replace electrical fittings, change light bulbs, transformers, switches, sockets, replacing light fittings, fitting and repairing door bells or just simply fault finding any time day or night including emergency situations.

Our Atlanta handyman team are highly competent at dealing with these basic electrical jobs proficiently and cost effectively. Although we don’t carry out work that needs to be notified to building control regulatory. This would include installation of new circuits and alterations to existing circuits; however we do have affiliate electricians who can carry all work that deal with 'notifiable' work. Please contact us for more details

Whatever your requirements are, we will find the right solution at a sensible, value for money. All our Atlanta handymen are professionals who understand that our success depends on providing excellent customer service whilst being friendly, reliable and precise with every last detail whilst carrying their work. We can replace light bulbs, extractor fans, light fittings, sockets, switches and transformers amongs many of our electrical services. We are also able to repair, fit and assemble almost anything that is electrical.

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