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DIY Tips and Advice For Your Safety

DIY enthusiasts are costing hundreds of millions of dollars in medical bills by putting up wobbly scaffolds, touching live wires and shooting themselves in the hands and feet with nail guns. If you are going to paint the house, make sure you have the equipment, "You don't have to fall very far to have a life-changing accident... read more

Ladder Safety Guide

Ladder safety is a must when you are doing any form of DIY project. Ladder accidents send over 400,000 people to hospital every year so we have put together the following small guide... read more

Lifting Guide

Pushing any load lightly will enable you to see how easily it moves to determine whether you can lift it by yourself or will need help, even the smallest objects can cause body harm that not always possible to establish until it's too late. Always remember that a smaller package... read more

Using electrically powered equipment guide

You should make sure that electrical equipment used for work is safe, as many DIY tasks no mater how small or large the job is, faulty or incorrect tools used for those tasks can cause frightening results... read more

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The information provided on our site in this page and any other page linked directly to our website is of a general nature, based on certain assumptions. The content of these materials may omit certain details and cannot be regarded as advice that would be applicable to all DIY individuals at home and in businesses. As such, this information is provided for informational purposes only. Readers seeking resolution of specific safety, legal or business issues or concerns regarding any topic covered on our website should consult their safety consultant, attorney or business advisors. The background presented is not a substitute for a thorough loss control survey of your personal or business work practice, or operations or an analysis of the legality or appropriateness of your home & business practices. The information provided should not be considered as a legal advice. We therefore only include the information as a guide and not as a full solution to any DIY job you may plan to do, do or take on behalf of any individual or business.